8-year-old Thai boy skewers tongue while eating meatballs on motorbike

Screenshot: Amarin TV

Eating in transit is an age-old commuting tradition in the Land of Smiles, though we suspect many of you will reconsider ever snacking from the back of a motorbike again after reading this story.

An 8-year-old boy in northern Thailand’s Nan province was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, after the motorbike he was a passenger on got into an accident, causing him to pierce the bottom of his tongue with the wooden meatball skewer from which he was dining.

We’ll give you a second to finish shuddering.

A provincial rescue team performed first aid on panicked Tanawat Namwong before rushing the boy to Nan Hospital, with an injury doctors considered to be severe, reported Thairath.  

Tanawat’s 64-year-old grandfather, Pol Namwong, who was driving the motorbike, explained that he had just picked up the boy from school right before the accident.

His grandson said he was hungry and asked to stop for meatballs and was eating them while riding pillion.

When the pair reached a crossroad at Rob Wiang street, another motorbike abruptly cut in from of them, causing Pol to lose his balance and tip the bike over.

At the moment the pair’s motorbike hit the ground, the skewer penetrated the bottom of Tanawat’s tongue, reported Amarin TV.

As of yesterday, Dr. Pongthep Wongwatchapaiboom, deputy director of Nan Hospital, told the local media that Tanawat’s condition has improved, though he still has a slight fever.

The hospital staff, fearing an infection, will continue to keep a close eye on him for the next few days, said the doctor.

Tanawat’s grandmother, Fongchan Namwong, told local reporters that while her grandson has been eating food on motorbikes ever since he started school, the family has learned its lesson and will no longer permit it.

Dr. Pongthep, meanwhile, relayed a warning to all citizens that eating in a moving vehicle — whether a motorbike or a car — is never a good idea.

If the skewer were to pierce important organs such as the neck, eyes, or mouth, the injury could end up being fatal.

This isn’t the first injury sustained while performing extracurricular activites in a moving vehicle this year.

Back in June, a woman doing makeup in Bangkok taxi was rushed to hospital with an eyebrow pencil jammed in her eye, after her taxi crashed into the back of a pickup truck.


Woman doing makeup in Bangkok taxi rushed to hospital with eyebrow pencil jammed in eye


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