6 children flung from Thai carnival thrill ride (Video)

Images from the incident in which four minors were injured Saturday in Lopburi province. Images: Parinya Suwanmanee / YouTube
Images from the incident in which four minors were injured Saturday in Lopburi province. Images: Parinya Suwanmanee / YouTube

The owner of a carnival ride that threw six children from it vowed yesterday to take responsibility for not securing their seat belts.

Sornchai Jantarachota’s statement came as officials vowed to investigate the Saturday incident in which four of the six minors aged 12 to 15 thrown from the “Crazy Wave” ride were injured and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital in Lopburi province.

The ride’s operator failed to secure the children’s safety belts, according to Sornchai, who said its regular operator had gone to the bathroom and another carnie was filling in when the accident happened, according to Thairath.

As of Monday afternoon, three of the injured had been released from the hospital, while 13-year-old Sirirat Potima still remained at the King Narai Hospital after breaking her leg in the incident, which took place at a Lopburi Winter Fair.

Sorchai said that employee failed to fasten the seat belts when they sat down for the ride, in which passengers seated on a bench are swung in circles at high speed. 

Footage from the incident shows the six passengers, seated on the far right, violently flung from the ride soon after it started when the ride reached its highest point, about 6 meters off the ground. Onlookers scream in horror as the passengers fall onto the platform below or outside the attraction area. The passengers whose seat belts were fastened continue grimly swinging as chaos erupts below.  

In another clip shot from a different angle, a boy in navy blue can be seen thrown off the ride as well as its platform only to land on the hard concrete floor below. 

The ride slowly grinds to a halt after the accident. The Crazy Wave ride has been ordered to cease operating.

Col. Krissana Phathanacharoen, national police spokesman, said investigators were examining the ride and interviewing witnesses in order to take legal action against those responsible.

Meanwhile, Lopburi city police chief Sakchai Ketkomol said they were checking the ride’s license to see if it was operating legally.


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