3 Universities light candles of peace to stop Bangkok from shutting down

Students who actually don’t want to miss classes?

Showing their opposition a planned  disruption of the city Monday, students at three universities engaged in a peaceful counter-protest yesterday.

Students of Kasetsart University, Silpakorn University, and Srinakharinwirot University lit “candles for peace” at their Bangkok campuses to stop the upcoming city shutdown.

At Kasetsart University, 1,000 citizens and students gathered and listened to speeches made by student representatives who seek democracy and respect for their votes.

The attendees lit their candles at 6pm and cited the message:

“We, Thai citizens who trust in peace and democracy, would like to use our votes according to the constitution and request the all groups to discuss and compromise to prevent violence. We support all political expressions as soon as they are under the law and do not violate other’s rights and freedom. Election by citizens!”

Napat Narangsiya, a fourth year history student representative, reveals the activity was a gathering of Kasetsart students who want to stop the disagreements and call for peace. The students encouraged citizens to go to the election and respect each other’s rights, Sanook reported.

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