X2 Vibe Seaphere Pattaya: Beach views and outdoor soaking tubs on budget-friendly Jomtien Beach

Starting at just THB1,300 (US$39) and tucked onto a side street away from the center of Jomtien Beach — and even further from the wilds of Pattaya’s Walking Street (nine miles, to be exact) — X2 Vibe Seaphere is the kind of place that would suit those who prefer relaxing by the beach over being right in the mix of local nightlife. If you do want to get out and about, though, you’d also need to have access to a car.

As you pull up, it doesn’t look like much. You’ll think to yourself: “Hmmm, I see why the prices are pretty low here.” But then you actually get on to the property, and the first thing you’ll notice is that the beach is just about 500 feet away, at the end of the block.

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

Upon entering, the stylish furniture and warm service staff might start to change your mind about the place. We learn that in the suites are seated, Japanese-style outdoor tubs on slate balconies overlooking the outside world — some that even afford ocean views. Other nice, unexpected amenities were in store for us too.

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

We checked in to the One Bedroom Premier Suite (THB2,560/US$77). At about 55 sq. meters, it is a small-ish bedroom, outfitted with a large bed decked out in those pure white hotel linens we all know and love. 

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

There is a full dining area for four, a full kitchen with utensils, a mini cooktop, full-size fridge, and microwave.

Into the living room — you’ve got your standard sofa, table, and TV setup, plus an alcove featuring a full wall of windows that can be pushed aside to reveal a view of Jomtien Beach. It is somewhat obscured by a few trees and homes, but still: We’ve got a beach view!

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

There’s a ton of sunlight streaming through all the windows here, accenting the room’s mostly monochrome interiors and its pops of metallics and bright colors from the furniture details. 

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

The hotel has won two design awards — a Thailand Property Award in 2016 for Residential Interior Design, and an Asia Pacific Property Award 2017 for the “New Small Hotel Construction and Design” category.

We’re feelin’ it.

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

There are Japanese-style jacuzzi tubs — we’re calling them Japanese because you sit in them, like the traditional ofuro, rather than the Western-style ones which are better for reclining — but they probably aren’t true Japanese bath tubs since they have super-strong jacuzzi jets.

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

We were not sure what to expect in the hotel’s food offerings, but were glad to see healthy options on the menu, like a delicious pan-fried salmon (THB490/US$15), which came with two pieces of warm bread with butter, plus large sides of roasted potatoes and bell peppers.

A nice touch: We asked for some fresh lemon with our fish and were impressed to see the kitchen respond by giving us a full half lemon that had been charred on the grill.

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

After dinner, it was tub time.

Donning the hotel’s standard waffle knit white robe, we started to fill the tub — then realized that it was like the other jacuzzis and “hot tubs” commonly found in Thailand: They aren’t hot. The bubbles jets are there, but they stream out cold or room temperature water. Boo.

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

There was no way to adjust temperature — you simply turn the water on, or off.

What to do? It was chilly that night. We also weren’t about to skip that soak we’d been looking forward to all day. So, a bit of DIY: After several trips and back and forth from the kitchen with full boiling kettles, we were ready to soak.

It was super relaxing — reading, soaking, looking out at our sliver of ocean view. But it also felt like we deserved it after that legwork we put into getting to this moment…

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

Come early morning, we head up to the rooftop poolside breakfast buffet. It was the standard drill: eggs, sausage, fruit, cereal, salad, some local soup broth-based breakfast foods, and yogurt. Simple but effectively satisfying stuff.

It was also our first visit to the pool — but not our last. The small rooftop swimming hole features lush trees and greenery along the edges, bubbling fountains, an ocean view and sunken seating so you can enjoy the pool with some food or drink at eye level without getting wet.

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

Along the edges are little nests of pillows with glass sides that allow guests to lie in the shade, check out the views, and take some pretty cool photos for your ‘gram (if you are into that sort of thing).

Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media
Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media
Photo: Laurel Tuohy/Coconuts Media

All in all, this stay offered more than we expected — a great all-around experience, especially at that price point. We’d particularly recommend it for those in town for work (Coconuts came around for an expo), as a low-key chic, comfortable stay in Pattaya.



X2 Vibe Seaphere Pattaya
223 Moo 3 Soi Na Jomtien
Na Jomtien, Chon Buri
Rooms starting at THB1,300/US$39

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