VIDEO: A woman gets a drag queen makeover

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On the latest episode of Tortured Beauty, Yvonne Liang gets a drag queen makeover from an actual drag queen – the fabulous Pan Pan Narkprasert, also known as Miss Pangina Heals, Thailand’s First Waacking DragQueen.

“I’m erasing your face completely from what you have and starting from the beginning,” said Narkprasert.”I’m going to make you look like a clown basically, a drag clown.”

The drag queen transformation process involves two hours of extensive makeup – plus a lot of glitter, a wig and a sparkly outfit, of course.

“I really do appreciate so much more what drag queens go through,” said Liang after the makeover. “It’s such a long process. You really do erase your face, and I think it erases your identity. In a way, being in this costume, in this wig and this makeup, it makes me feel like a whole different person.”


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