This Thai carb staple could be your skin’s favorite food

Nutrients from Thai rice can be transformed into various kinds of skin cleansing products, from face wash to body wash. Essences from Thai rice, including Hom Mali rice, Red Hom Mali rice, Hom Nil rice, Black Glutinous Rice and Riceberry rice are all effective for cleansing and nourishing your skin.

Why is rice the right choice for the skin? Not only is rice bran oil, extracted from rice, rich in vitamin E and gamma oryzanol, but it also has excellent cleansing agents that effectively remove residual makeup. It also moisturizes the skin and eliminates excess oil without leaving the skin feeling parched. An ideal ingredient in gentle hydrating skin cleansers, rice bran oil is an ingredient suitable for all skin types.

Benefits from rice-derived skincare you really should consider:

  • Ideal for all skin types 
  • Deeply cleanses and moisturizes
  • Does not leave skin parched 
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin
  • Smooth texture
  • Fragrance of Thai rice

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