Teen plunges from overpass, possibly hit by car, survives (VIDEO)

A 15-year-old plunges from an overpass and into oncoming traffic, in a video posted yesterday of the nightmare incident. Despite appearing impossible to survive, don’t worry it’s not a snuff video: he survived the insane fall.

Yutthana Lanepok is recovering from injury after a motorcycle accident sent him over the guardrail of an overpass in Ratchaburi province in a difficult-to-watch plunge into a busy road.

Although it can’t be concluded from the video, it appears that upon striking the pavement, an approaching car runs over Yutthana before driving away, however his rescuer said Yutthana was not struck by the vehicle.

Footage from a Channel 7 news report. Mute the volume; we warned you.

Yutthana was reportedly speeding on the overpass and crashed his motorbike into a barrier. His body was thrown and fell at least six meters where he was possibly run over by a car, according to police.

He was rescued by a noble citizen who lives across the street, who found the teen unconscious and bleeding from mouth and nose. His arm was also broken. He was admitted to San Camillo Hospital and is recovering.

As seen in the CCTV footage, an approaching car, which looks like it ran over him, and just drove past without giving a damn.


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