Slap me silly: Beautiful abuse delivers baby-face results

Who would think that getting slapped in the face can get rid of your saggy cheeks?

Miss Qipao, the self-proclaimed face-slapping master of Thailand, claims she can reshape and lift women’s faces just by slapping them. Believe it or don’t.

This ancient Thai method doesn’t require any cream or chemical substance and is claimed to improve appearance instantly after the first treatment. Yeah, we’re skeptical too.

But in appearances on several Thai TV shows, Qipao miraculously demonstrated her beauty method, making the models’ faces appear thinner with just a few whacks (Not to say they weren’t shot up with a little botox wasn’t before the show.)

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See the face-slapping demonstration at the seven-minute mark

A New York City plastic surgeon however told the NY Daily News last year there was some truth to the claim. Smacking somepone’s face dilates their blood vessels and increases its flow to the area, which can improve skin quality, according to Dr. Matthew Schulman.  

Listed on her website are different courses to modify one’s facial structures. Despite the ridiculous names, the courses claim to deliver magical results. There is “specific-spot slapping” which targets the trouble zone, “superstar slapping” which creates a discrete V-shape line, and “Korean slapping” for the Korean craze out there to get a baby face just like their favorite Korean pop star.

The list goes on with the very specific “air hostess prep slapping” to attract Thai twentysomething women who want to land their dream job as a flight attendant and the popular “Ngo Heng slapping,” which is the only course without a beauty-related purpose. As the name suggests, the course will modify facial features to follow the Chinese belief that certain facial structures determine the future.

Qipao says the result is meant to last at least six months, depending on your choice of skin care, and as pricy as common plastic surgery, one slapping session starts at THB5,000 to THB30,000.

From Qipao’s before-and-after photos of her customers, the method seems like a natural beauty routine for anyone afraid to go under the knife. For anyone with several one-thousand-baht bills to burn, feel free to get the treatment and report back to us if such a miracle exists.