Shoptopia: 25 new shopping malls to open in Bangkok

ABOVE: The Metro West Mall will open by April on Kanlapaphruak Road in the western Bangkok district of Phasi Charoen.

Bangkok will have 25 more reasons to continue existing by next year.

This year alone, 25 new community malls are being hurriedly completed to address the woeful inadequacy of venues to shop in the Thai capital, where citizens sometimes must travel more than several minutes to shop at low temperatures.

Providing a much-needed 320,000 sqm of retail space, most of the new malls will open in the western areas of Bangkok. By the end March, the Metro West Town, Dragon Mall and Pop Market will open on the west side, according to Bangkok Post’s Pitsinee Jitpleecheep, with Jas Lat Plaklao and the Auto Mall coming to improve the paucity of shopping opportunities in northern Bangkok.

As of the beginning of the year, Bangkok had a mere 6.88 million sqm of retail space, according to Colliers International.

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