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Photo: Coconuts Media


The end of the month…that brief golden period of joy where our stomachs are fed with quality food and our thirst is quenched with classy drinks. It’s when our account balance looks as full-bodied as that bottle of wine we just splurged on, but as soon as you know it, reality hits you with bills and fees that’ll have you back on cans of beer in no time.

For some, there are extra responsibilities to take care of each month, whether it’s taking care of parents or covering utility bills back home, tuition for kids studying abroad (that pocket money goes faaast…). There are plenty of reasons to transfer money abroad, and we want to do it as fast and easily as possible.

Count your lucky stars because DeeMoney provides an incredibly easy way for you to transfer money from Thailand to 180+ countries worldwide — and it’s absolutely legit, in case you were wondering.

Say goodbye to waiting for money transfers

Ever had the experience of sending money over and your parents, son or daughter had to wait so long you were unsure if they even got it? Those days are over, Coconauts. Let DeeMoney solve your money transfer issues.

The longest time to receive payments is just two days. What’s the quickest time? Instant. The length of time varies upon the payout method and the destination — but hey, the bank takes more than twice as long.

If you’ve signed it once, you’ve signed it a thousand times

Tedious paperwork is a such a huge letdown. The process tires out your fingers and takes forever. So, DeeMoney came up with a one-time solution for all the paperwork.

With DeeMoney membership, it only takes one registration form, using just one document. You know the drill: passport or ID card, that’s all you need. Then you’ll get a member card that allows you to begin transferring money.. Voila! Use this card or your phone number to verify for the next transfer — no need to fill out any paperwork again.

And the best thing is you don’t have to undercut your convenience for safety, because through DeeMoney’s verification process, each transfer is secured and transparent. Rest assured because DeeMoney is licensed by the Bank of Thailand and work closely with them to meet all regulatory requirements.

Simple, right?

THB150 – The flat fee for all

You know how the fee varies upon the amount you transfer? Well, that’s not how DeeMoney does it. One of the best things about this service is that however much you transfer from Thailand, the fee remains as low as THB150 for all transfer amounts up to THB800,000 (we hope your family abroad won’t splash that much on shopping in one go).

Look on the bright side, if you transfer money through any other services, the fee can get as high as US$48. It doesn’t take a maths genius to know that THB150 (US$5) sounds lighter than US$48.

Wire it through the app

Remember how that pesky problem of filling out tons of forms was resolved? Here, we have another solution. Say you need to transfer money in the evening because your daughter has to pay for piano classes while she’s studying abroad (or go on a shopping spree, but who’s judging?). Trouble is, it’s after hours and the banks are closed.

‘Money anywhere anytime’ is DeeMoney’s motto, and it’s not just a figure of speech. They stand by it by offering the possibility of money transfer through the DeeMoney app, available for both iPhone and Android users. The app can be linked with your local bank account (SCB, Kbank or BBL which surely you must have), plus, you can make payments through QR Code (all banks) and KPlus for trouble-free convenience!

Come your next payday, after you’ve enjoyed all the luxuries you can afford, you know who to turn to when you need to transfer money. To find out all 180 countries you can transfer money to, and more details about the whole process, head to DeeMoney.

Fun fact: While you can transfer money to 180+ countries worldwide with DeeMoney, the flat fee of THB150 applies to 16 countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Vietnam.  

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