Making the rice choice: innovative goods formulated from Thai rice to give consumers more options to choose from

The combination of Thai rice’s nutritional value and cutting-edge technology has paved the way for non-food rice innovations, especially in the beauty sector. These alternatives cater to modern consumers who favor naturally derived and eco-friendly products.

Products for health-conscious consumers including talcum-free powder made from rice starch pose little to no risk of lung diseases or ovarian cancer associated with traditional talcum products.

Photo: Department of Foreign Trade (DFT)
Photo: Department of Foreign Trade (DFT)

Types of rice-based beauty products are in abundance, especially popular anti-aging products such as facial serums made from black glutinous rice, facial nourishing serums made from organic Hom Mali rice bran oil, and hair serum made from Riceberry rice bran oil. Lip balm made from rice bran wax is also a good alternative to prevent chapped lips.

In addition, medical apparatus such as rice-based medical sponges used in surgical procedures are very absorbent and easily biodegradable, which will lessen Thailand’s reliance on imported goods. Here’s to hoping that more goods produced from Thai rice will be popularized in medical practice. 

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