Loser Cat: Artist rewrites the meaning of ‘loser’ through feline artworks

Thai artist Niam Mawornkanong takes an unconventional approach to exhibiting — by using his cats to express himself.

For his exhibition “Loser Cat,” Niam observed feline friends and searched for creativity from the life of a different species. Unexpectedly, he discovered that his feline friends are a big part of the language of his art.

The artist uses the title “Loser Cat” to mock his cat’s failure in catching mice, as well as his own endeavor in being different and overcoming obstacles after being medically diagnosed as colorblind.

Niam also puts an affection spin on the word “loser,” conveying warmth and encouragement for his beloved pets in his artwork.

Loser Cat runs until Mar. 27 at Subhashok The Arts Center. Entry is free.


Loser Cat

Feb. 27 – Mar. 27

Subhashok The Arts Center



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