Life’s a beach: Discover your dream home on the shores of Pattaya



If you’re a real estate market guru, or just have eyes, you know there is a tremendous amount of condos popping up on every other corner in Bangkok. But you know what? We’re getting a bit tired of living a fast-paced life on the run, and we’re running out of songs to listen to while being trapped behind the wheel. (Welcome to Bangkok, amirite?)


Allow us to introduce an alternative, yet tempting, location for living, whether you’re looking for a second home or for investment: the newest project from Habitat group, X2 Pattaya Oceansphere. We’re breaking down the reasons why this beach villa is a great choice for you.



It’s only 5 minutes walk to the beach

Besides the famous walking street, floating market and cabaret show, Pattaya is also famous for its beaches. Seriously! There are still beautiful private beaches in Pattaya. Now before we lose you, just imagine waking up in the morning with the sound of the waves, and if you feel like it, a walk to the beach is just 5 minutes away. Yes, you heard it right, 5 minutes! X2 Oceansphere is located 550 metre from Bang Sarey beach. That means living like you’re on vacay for the rest of your life. Not a bad idea.


Get used to top quality hotel services at home

Admit it, one reason you love traveling to nice hotels is being waited on with amazing service. Well, we do! And we’re happy to report that X2 Pattaya Oceansphere offers luxury hotel level services to all residents, courtesy of Habitat Group. Enjoy 4K restaurant, YAN spa by X2 resorts, a modern fitness center, reception, and a dedicated housekeeping center. It’s the only branded pool villa in Pattaya with 5-star hotel services. Fancy a luxurious meal after a long day at work? Check. Want a 5-star spa experience this weekend? Check. Like we said, it’s a forever vacay!



Experience the chic life

The unique design of X2 deserves a shout out. Designed by the hands of SdA team (formerly known as WOHA Thailand), X2 Pattaya Oceansphere presents a modern lifestyle with an “invisible” design – it’s so perfectly intuitive that you don’t even notice it! The design results in a simple and elegant, yet chic, character. Even better, it’s fully furnished with furniture that flawlessly complements the design of the villa itself.

The villa even won the award for Southeast Asia’s Best of the Best Residences 2016 by Dot Property Group. This place is this close to perfection, the only exception is that you’re not in it yet.


It’s all about the location

Pattaya is a perfect place for a vacation, weekend getaway, a summer retreat or retirement, if you’re lucky enough to be at that golden stage of life. But if you’re still concerned about living far away from Bangkok, rest assured that it’s actually only 90 minutes drive from the city center. If that’s not good enough, there are plans for more trains between Bangkok and Pattaya and the expansion of U Tapao International Airport and the Airport Link from Suvarnabhumi airport. Problems (soon to be) solved!


It’s time to invest

X2 villas are also ideal for investment. Then you can rent out your little piece of paradise and spread the blissful life! There’s a guarantee rental yield of 7% per year for the first 5 years, which offers potential passive income. After that, for the next 25 years, the owner gets 60% income and the added benefit of 14 free days each year at X2 Pattaya Oceanphere or other X2 Residences, and a special discount at 4K Restaurant and Bar and X2 Yan Spa. Score!


If you’re interested in a forever-vacay, X2 Pattaya Oceansphere is currently offering a discount promotion of 700,000 baht off for a 1 bedroom pool villa, and 1,000,000 baht off for 2 bedroom pool villa and a free private yachting with X2 Resorts, and also a free hotel stay at Sea Sand Sun Resort Pattaya. For more information, click here or call (66)81-450-0001, (66)81-450-0002. See you in Pattaya!

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