Husband no longer needed: Actress says her sex billboard part of ‘work project’

The 45-year-old “virgin” actress who sent social media into a frenzy in March after she put up a billboard stating that she “wanted to get some before she dies” has finally spoken about the scandal.

Television star Aranya “Pui” Pathumthong told reporters on Friday that the sex billboard briefly displayed on Prasertmanukit road was actually part of an advertising project gone wrong.

“I have to apologize for making many people feel uncomfortable. It was a project about a woman who wanted to have a boyfriend,” Aranya told Sanook, refusing to go into detail about the product she was trying to advertise.

“When I accepted the offer, the message they wanted to go with was not that raunchy, but then they insisted it had to be done. I did protest, but in the end, I didn’t want to cause any inconvenience to them.”

Aranya was fined THB1,000 for indecent exposure, which she said the company reimbursed her for.

Nevertheless, the actress was paid a “six-digit” compensation for the project.

“That project has been postponed indefinitely. But I still have a one-year contract with them.”

Aranya, who usually lands a “funny role” on television soaps, has never been in a scandal in over 20 years in the entertainment industry. She said she was very “stressed out” when the billboard was widely mocked and criticized online.

“It has passed, and now I have to be stronger. From now on, I’ll think twice when accepting a job offer.”

On the plus side, Aranya managed to get some benefits from the scandal when several men entered her life after seeing her bold billboard, Sanook reported.

“There are so many men [who have tried to woo me]. Haha. Maybe I’ll get a husband because of this. There are men who come to me directly and those who send me an e-mail, but I haven’t found the right one.”



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Husband needed! Police pull down 45-year-old virgin actress’ sex billboard

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