Hua Hin’s retro wonderland Plearnwan is a stylish trip back in time

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When we think of Hua Hin, we think of calm blue waves, vast stretches of sand and chowing down on really fresh seafood. The bustling seaside town is one of our favorite long weekend escapes. But can you imagine what it was like back in the day? Like, waaay back in the day?

Plearnwan recreates Hua Hin as it once was – a quaint, seaside town complete with nostalgic coffee shops, historic shophouses, outdoor cinema, funfair, and a vintage flea market. With all those cool attractions, just imagine the gorgeous retro vibes you’ll be able to achieve on your Instagram feed!

Take our advice and dress the part when you go to Plearnwan; it makes the vintage experience so much more real. (And, if you’re lucky, people might even want to pose with you for photos.)

In terms of fashion, think James Dean with Tik Jesdaporn during “Dang Bireley’s and Young Gangsters era”. (A Thai classic, Google it.) Its all about looking cool without even trying. Dont forget the sunglasses for that rebel look, with or without a cause.

To get the 1950s greaser style that fits perfectly in Plearnwan, take a tight white Tshirt and pair it with some classic faded and distressed denim. For authenticitys sake we recommend you break in your own pair of raw denim until theyre soft. This might take a few monthsor years. Hey, its what James Dean did!

Top off the look with a fitted jacket and a moody smirk.

Now that you got dressed (nice one!) it’s time for breakfast. Back in the day, they did morning meals right. and Plearnwan still honors this tradition.

The place to go is Plearnwan Panich, a Thai restaurant that offers classic breakfast items like rice porridge, waffles, sweet and crispy crepes, quail eggs with Maggi sauce and black pepper and Chinese doughnuts dipped in condensed milk. The old fashioned spread of local dishes is enough to make your grandparents proud, and very, very hungry.

Wash it all down with a strong black coffee or a perfectly sweet cup of milk tea. Can’t you smell that rich aroma already?

Share some Pandan Pudding (Kanoom Krok) with your friends and family. This popular Thai dessert doesn’t just appear at the end of a meal, no way, it’s a snack for anytime of the day. Sweet creamy coconut and smoky rice crust, heavenly!

Another must try at Plearnwan Panich is the Coconut Pancake (Pang Jee). Not too sweet, and just a little crispy, it makes a great combo with a hot, bitter coffee.

This picture might be worth a million bucks, but these delicious dishes will only set you back around 50 baht per person. We know, old school prices are awesome.

The highlight of Plearnwan village is definitely the magical retro atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Forget about water parks, mobile phones, social media and…wait, don’t forget about social media because you’ll want to share all these stunning photos on every feed you have!

Plearnwan is chock full of beautiful scenery and good food – our favorite vacation combination. Chill at comfy cafés and coffee shops complete with classic Thai menus including authentic Thai coffee, tea popsicles and soda pop.

Did you know soda pop and popsicle vendors are an age-old tradition in Bangkok? You can still see carts with popsicles in steel drums and soda mixers old Bangkok neighborhoods. You’ll be stepping back in time with all the experiences Plearnwan has to offer.

Go shopping for vintage Thai souvenirs, or just stroll around and take amazing photos. There are real classic cars and retro props for the perfect photo opp. It’s a unique experience. We might not have experienced this bygone era in Thailand’s history ourselves, but we will still feel a twinge of nostalgia. It all seemed so simple and cool back then.

Vending machines that are (gasp!) analogue and toys that you haven’t seen since childhood will transport you right back into another time. Take a moment to leave the world of technology behind and enjoy spending time in this time capsule.

Don’t just limit your experience to daytime, though, because Plearnwan is even more magical at night. After sunset, it becomes a whole new experience. The village is illuminated in beautiful fairy lights, flooded with live music and immersed in a feel-good atmosphere. Get ready for some old-school rock n’ roll by the live band.

One of the best ways to experience Plearnwan at night is by the Ferris wheel. Get a panoramic, beautiful view of the village from the glowing ride, high in the night sky, soaring above the ground. The retro music and lights will seem small below. Kinda romantic and mesmerizing, huh?

Another place to experience the romantic side of Plearnwan is the retro outdoor cinema. Watching a movie under the stars, cozying up with your loved ones. What can get better than that?

The prefect moviegoing snack, smoky grilled corn on the cob, is a welcome replacement to modern day popcorn.

How about playing – and winning – some classic arcade games? Show off your skills and win that massive stuffed animal, if you can! The funfair feels like a peek inside a Hollywood movie set, but instead of watching the movie, you’re actually a part of it. Test your skills with the balloon dart-boards, air rifles, pinballs and can shooting games.

The energy, lights, colors, and music make night-time at Plearnwan a totally unique experience.

Got the late night munchies? Worked up an appetite winning all those stuff animals? We did! Enjoy authentic street food, cooked by locals who just know their stuff. Plearnwan’s street food section features authentic food that local people actually eat in daily life. Have a small feast of classics like mango and sticky rice and local treats like Khanom Bueng.

So if youre looking for a unique, memorable experience, then look no further than Plearnwan in Hua Hin. It harks back to a simpler era, when the Interwebs were just a glimmer in an engineers eye and the Kardashians were still an anonymous family in Armenia.

Plearnwan is a relaxing destination to eat, shop, photograph, chill and listen to live music to your hearts content. Its an allinone destination that not only brings you back to Thailands golden era, but also brings together generations of family, groups of friends and makes a romantic destination for couples. Munch on delicious food, stroll among beautiful illuminated pathways and take in the gorgeous views. Plearnwan makes up for lost times.

Plearnwan is open daily from 9am9pm weekdays and 10pm on weekends. There is no entry fee and transportation is super easy. It is about 3 hours car ride from Bangkok, located between Soi Hua Hin 38 and 40, opposite Klai Kangwon Palace of King Rama VII in Hua Hin. Click here for more information and take a walk down memory lane.

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