5 things farang men must stop wearing

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Cultural differences, language barriers, Bangkok maps: these are all things farangs struggle with on a regular basis. As a result they can be forgiven if they’re not always, er, fashionable.

That said, there is one thing, a line if you will, that is so consistently crossed and done with such impunity, that I feel like we Thais must speak out. I refer to, of course, the farang fashion faux pas. Farang men, in particular, seem to almost relish flaunting their lack of taste in our faces.

Gentlemen, take note: if you want to look good, these are things you should never wear:

5. Fisherman pants

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These are comfortable. No one will argue with you there. And if you’re living on Khaosan Road, eating only Pad Thai and hooked up to an IV of cheap Chang they’re a required uniform.

Unfortunately, it is just a fact that the only group of Bangkok residents who actually wear fisherman pants and pull it off are the Chinese grandpas in Yaowarat. When you, dear farang, sport a pair it says, “Help me. I’m homeless.”

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4.  Baggy Pants