Face Off: Senior country star reveals ’35-year-old face’ after surgery

Country singer Surachai Sombatchareon, 59, shocked the public by revealing his new, younger face today, after he underwent controversial “Face Off” surgery last month.

Surachai, one of the most respected singers in the Thai country music industry, said he was now a very happy and younger-looking man after undergoing facelift surgery which delivered on its promise to make him look 35.

“It’s a personal right to want plastic surgery. I’d like to tell everyone I’m happy and I had wanted to do it for a long time,” Surachai said at a press conference today.

“I’m 59 years old. If I don’t do it now, when should I do it? I just want to feel happy when I meet my fans,” he added.

In addition to the facelift, Surachai had a hair transplant.

The person who performed the surgery on Surachai is a woman who calls herself “Dr Xeping.” She allegedly made exaggerated claims over her “Face Off Project by Dr Xeping” that she could make people aged 60 look 30 years old with a surgical technique that focuses on 10 key spots on the face, according to Bangkok Post.

The Facial Plastic Surgery Association of Thailand filed a police complaint against Dr Xeping last month after Surachai’s announcement of his surgery became big news, and the association discovered there was no licensed doctor by the name of Dr Xeping.

Dr Cholatis Sinratchatanan, chairman of the association, also said “Face Off” was an exaggerated and misleading term since Surachai only went through a basic facelift surgery.

Dr Xeping later admitted she was not a real surgeon, but only a “beauty consultant,” and that her definition of “Face Off” was to make Surachai look younger, Thairath reported.

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