Curbside Clicks: 10 best street photos taken in Bangkok lately (PHOTOS)

Photo: Kitty Chirapongse

Monogram Asia hosted its first 8×8 Street Photography workshop over the last weekend of April in Bangkok.

Photo: Wai Yan

What came out of the two-day workshop, attended by 130 street photographers from around the world, were gorgeous individual takes on the most fascinating things happening on the streets of the city. Photos were taken with film camera, digital cameras, and even smartphones.

Photo: Joyathi Buy

Monogram provided Coconuts with the coolest clicks captured over the weekend and we had to share them.

Check out these street scenes and fall a bit more in love with Bangkok.

Photo: Mo Bheema

Feeling inspired? Monogram is already planning their next workshop in Jakarta. Keep up with their news here.

Thai attendee Chaipranin Visudhipol said of the workshop, “I came out with a great feeling knowing that I have more confidence approaching my subject.”

Photo: Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Japanese photographer Bellamy Hunt said, “As an avid film photographer, I’ve seen a different side of photography, namely mobile photography. It is clearly a valid and developing form of photography.”

Photo: Bina Yumanto

Photo: Chaipranin Visudhipol

Photo: Kawin Leenutaphong

Photo: Cecelia Ho

Photo: Lincoln Wong

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