Coco readers, your life is about to get a whole lot easier with the new LINE MOBILE sim card


No longer will you have to endure the pain of queuing in lines, miscommunications, or paying for overpriced products that you don’t even need.

This sim card takes the BS out of your schedule by providing you with a simple, convenient, and full speed data that will ensure a hassle-free lifestyle. Curious to find out more?

What you see is what you get

It’s as simple as that. With Line Mobile, you get to save money on the features you really need — now, you can finally say goodbye to the shocking bills that come with the 100 unnecessary features on your old sim card. If you think about it, it’s a pay less and get more situation!

Convenience is key

You’ve got everything in the palm of your hand via LINE Official Account (@linemobileth), LINE MOBILE Application and Website. So say goodbye to all the hassle of the paperwork (we feel ya, dear expats), because every step is easy-peasy. Registration is a breeze because it’s all online. Paying your bills is simple and easy, plus there’s the Pay to Other feature, which means you can easily pay someone else’s bill online and vice versa. That means you can even pay for your family or your significant other. (We all know life can be really hectic sometimes!)

Adjusting your data speed, changing your plan, or even cancelling it — all online, anywhere anytime.  And you can just do it all on the website, or the app. If you wish to contact customer support, both the LINEfNSWER MOBILE website and application come with 24/7 English speaking customer support from multiple channels such as LIVE Chat and Call Center. You know what that means: no more driving out and waiting in line for ridiculously long hours to get your burning questions answered!

High speed data all day everyday

For your package, you are presented with seven different options to choose from; whether that is enjoying a 4G/3G data or an unlimited free data at 256 Kbps. Keep in mind, you do not have to overly fuss about the packages since there is always an opportunity to change it whenever you’d like (and they’re all pretty dang affordable).

Stay connected

Once you’ve purchased a sim card, you are automatically granted FREE LINE services, (83% of mobile users in Thailand are Line users, to be exact!) where you can use LINE Messenger, LINE Calls, LINE Video Calls, and watch LINE TV without losing any of your data quota. These are just a few examples of the exclusive perks you’re blessed with from being a LINE MOBILE user. Heck yeah!

More friends, more discounts

Did you know? You can eventually enjoy LINE MOBILE for free! With its “refer friend” feature, you can share the referral link/code on the mobile application or website to your friend. With each person that uses your code to sign up, you and your friends will both earn THB120 discount per year. You can invite as many friends as you want and keep the discounts rolling (until it’s eventually free)!

These pretty sweet deals will ensure that your life cruises by as smooth and convenient as it can be. If you are interested in purchasing a LINE MOBILE sim card, simply head over to After purchasing, the SIM package will be delivered to your chosen delivery address by a professional courier service. Happy easy livin’, Coconauts!


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