Chinese passengers fight on flight out of Thailand (again)

Another day, another blow to the image of the mainland Chinese tourist.

Two Chinese passengers picked a fight with a third yesterday on a Thai Airways flight because his eating noises were too loud.

According to witnesses, three Chinese men in their 30s got into a brawl on the Bangkok-to-Beijing flight because one of them ate too loudly while the others were trying to get some sleep.

The men shouted at one another before the fight started, at which point the loud-chewer defended himself with the fork and knife from his airplane utensil set. Loud Chew even managed to carve some gashes into the head of one of the Angry Sleepers, Kapook reported, who spent the rest of the flight laying on the floor, bleeding.

The aircrew managed to separate the men and they were taken into custody by local police after landing.



Chinese rage breaks out into brawl on flight out of Thailand

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  1. @lawanda They're reduced by childhood betrayal, made to fight to survive on their own as the embittered victims of perfidious parents who force children to suffer to please them for no reward (parents' expressed pleasure? I bet that's worth a lot). They don't consider the welfare of others as, in their minds, it's them against the world. So no one considers them. Conflict is inevitable. What's disturbing is that the media has power to control cultural values, so this may not be organic. To me, they kinda look like vassals the State has prepared for war.

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