7 things you should know before seeing Coldplay live in Bangkok



Put your Coldplay playlist on a loop and start counting down now, because it’s only 3 weeks until Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams Tour Live in Bangkok 2017! But first (well, after rockin out to that classic song “Yellow”, a few times) we’ve got some facts you should know before the big day comes.

1. First thing you have to know is where to get the tickets. And we have the answers. Get your tickets online here, while you still can. But why is this a must-see show, you ask? Because the last time Coldplay was here back in 2003, 14 long years ago, the show was a massive hit. And the songs have only gotten better since then. A gig this good doesn’t come to our beloved Kingdom too often and we don’t know when we’ll be graced with Chris Martin’s soulful voice again.

2. The band was actually formed in 1996, with just Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland. Back then they played under the name Pectoralz before changing to Starfish after Guy Berryman joined the band, and then finally settling on Coldplay in 1998. Maybe that was the fix they needed?

3. Coldplay’s very first gig was back in 1998, on Jan. 16 at a pub called Laurel Tree in Camden, London. (That’s back when they were still called Starfish. Weird, huh?) The place was packed and the tickets were sold out. These guys were totally destined for stardom.

4. It doesn’t take a scientist to know the cold hard facts of Coldplay’s top 5 best selling songs: Paradise (2011) – this baby sold for over 965,500 copies – followed by Viva La Vida, Fix You, Princess of China and Yellow.

5. The opening act for Coldplay for this Head Full of Dreams Tour Live in Bangkok 2017, is going to be Jess Kent. She’s an Australian singer/songwriter/guitarist. She describes her music as the combination of reggae/dancehall, hip hop with a hit of Brit-pop from the past and beats from the future. Wondering exactly what that means? So are we and we can’t wait to find out, live on Apr. 7.

6. “Hypnotised” is the latest single Coldplay just released on Mar. 2. That also happens to be Chris Martin’s birthday. (HBD Chris! Just kidding, he’s not reading this… or is he?) This single is going to be in their next upcoming EP, Kaleidoscope, that will be released on Jun. 2. The EP will also include “Something Just Like This”, featuring The Chainsmokers. You know, the song that broke the internet on its release date? There you go, another two songs to add to your playlist! (If you haven’t already.)

7. Join the party with BEC TERO by posting a 15 second clip of yourself on Instagram telling the world what Coldplay song you want to hear and why. Get creative, but remember to choose a song that doesn’t get nearly as much airtime as it deserves, and make sure to film yourself on a plain background. Hashtag #BangkokRequest and mention @Coldplay. Your request might get picked! Full details are right here on BEC Tero’s Facebook page.

Now that you’re in-the-know about this 9-time Grammy Award winning band, you have your tickets (or you’re about to click and buy em’ right now by clicking here, calling 02 262 3838 or stopping by any ThaiTicketMajor outlet) just keep checking those clocks and counting down to the concert! (Ok, that was the last one we promise.) See you there!


Coldplay a Head Full of Dreams Tour Live in Bangkok 2017

Where: Rajamangala Stadium, Huamark

When: Doors open at 5pm on Friday Apr. 7, 2017

Price: THB1,800 / 2,500 / 4,500 / 5,500 / 6,500

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