6 reasons Thong Lo-Ekamai is still Bangkok’s most chill neighborhood


Thong Lo-Ekamai has been on the hipster radar for a while now (understatement of the century, we know). But for some reason we’re back, weekend after weekend, to chill, hang, eat, and drink.

This time, we dug a little deeper and asked local entrepreneurs who set up shop in Thong Lo-Ekamai why they chose this neighborhood. Read (and watch) on to find out about what’s so special about this creative area.

Coffee isn’t just coffee.

Coffee is essential. Thus, our first stop is Pacamara Speciality Coffee Roasters on Thong Lo Soi 25 nestled away from the main drag. Coffee is more than a morning pick-me-up here, it’s a downright artform. Indulge in an aromatic cup brewed using the method of your choice (slow pour, Aeropress, espresso, perhaps?) from award-winning beans sourced from all over the world. Pair your cup with scrumptious pastries freshly baked from the oven.

There’s a new wave of creative culture taking root.

From the temporary Root Garden (see what we did there) to Art Space Thonglor, there are creative spaces growing all around this hip hood. Our pick is jewelry workshop Smitheries near Thong Lo Soi 7. Tucked away on the second floor of the Black Amber Barber, it’s the place to learn metalwork or eyewear design, hone your craft, and create truly unique fashion accessories. Classes are offered for beginners to advanced students at very reasonable prices.

There’s every type of food imaginable.

Famous old school street food and modern eateries are all wrapped up together in Thong Lo-Ekamai. While we love our streetside fix—fried crab at Nhong Rim Klong and the fragrant vat of stewed beef at Wattana Panich, come to mind—there are a lot of new names making their mark on the neighborhood.

The Lobster Lab in The COMMONS in Thong Lo Soi 17 is stealing hearts (and stomachs) everywhere with their signature lobster rolls. Lucky for us with Thai palettes, there’s plenty of house-made spicy seafood sauce in addition to the generous portions of juicy lobster. Yummm!

Upstairs at Mikkeller on Ekamai Soi 10 made headlines when it was awarded a Michelin star. The clean, minimal restaurant offers an exquisite fine dining experience. Enjoy a nine course meal paired with craft beer, as you watch the chef prepare dish after magical dish. We’ll say it again, Thong Lo-Ekamai is the hub for those who are passionate about food.

Shopping is a treasure hunt.

There are funky shops all along Thong Lo and Ekamai. Exhibit Cafe and FabLab offer contemporary women’s fashion that is sure to light up your Instagram feed.

Shop for one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories at Treasures in The COMMONS, Thong Lo Soi 17. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re on the set of a silent movie from the 1920’s, or the inside of rockstar’s closet in the 1970’s. It all depends on which vintage items are on display. Fall in love with a sparkling sequined jacket, a flowy lace dress, or a glamorous ring like none you’ve ever seen. All the pieces are carefully curated by the owner, like hidden treasures waiting to be found.

Drinking is an art form.

When the beer is craft, the sake is special, and the cocktails are too pretty not to photograph, you know you’re drinking in Thong Lo-Ekamai.

Start with a sip or two (or more) of sake at Orihara Shoten at Park Lane Ekamai. Rows of premium sake make the space feel just like Japan. Stop by for a drink and yakitori after a long day at work. Ask the staff for the story behind your drink and learn about sake culture.

When the clock strikes cocktail hour this neighborhood is the perfect place to be. At Rabbit Hole, hidden near Thong Lo Soi 7, a plain wooden door turns into a dark and sexy speakeasy. Pick your poison from the menu or ask the expert bartenders for a recommendation. If you’re a cocktail connoisseur, you’re gonna fall in love with this place. It’s a sophisticated, intimate space that’s best experienced solo, as a couple, or a small group.

There’s a true community feel.

If you haven’t realized it by now, Thong Lo-Ekamai is home to some of the most unique dining and lifestyle experiences in Bangkok. It’s modern, dynamic, and fast-paced if you want it to be. But retro charm, generations-old street food, and unique culture are still there around every corner. That’s why some of the most creative and interesting people in Bangkok choose to set up shop right here.

Feeling charmed by Thong Lo-Ekamai? If you’re on the hunt for a home-sweet-home surrounded by creative vibes, amazing food, drinks, shopping, and a true community feel, then Thong Lo-Ekamai is your hood.

Stay tuned for two new projects from Sansiri, Khun by Yoo and The Monument, both conveniently located right on Thong Lo. Visit Sansiri’s website or Facebook page for more information and updates.

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