5 totally relatable reasons everyone wants to live in Thailand

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We might not be the land of milk and honey, but the land of smiles is good enough for us. Yes, life is sweet in Thailand — as sweet as the iced coffee you just got for THB15 in front of your office building. Diabetes aside, let us count down the top five reasons people want to live the sabai life in Thailand.

  1. Living is still pretty darn cheap

The cost of living in our glorious kingdom is one of the main attractions for foreigners from all over the world. Whether it’s Bangkok, Khon Kaen, or Chiang Mai (let’s leave Pattaya out of the discussion for now) that you decided to call home, we’re guessing that a scrumptious Thai lunch is a mere fraction of the price back home.

It’s still possible, even at the metropolitan core of downtown Bangkok, to live on THB300 (US$10) a day on just food. When comparing the price of the most crucial element of life — water, Thailand comes out on top. H2O is just THB20 (60 cents) per liter, where it’d set you back at least US$2 anywhere else in the world.

Or for those who like to stay in their comfort zone, you can use Big Mac as the bar — did you know that a Big Mac in Thailand (equivalent to US$3.59) is still cheaper than in the UK, Australia, most of Europe, Singapore (almost everything in Thailand is cheaper than Singapore though), and its birthplace, the US.

Even though living costs in Bangkok are on the rise, we’ll still count our lucky soi dogs that transportation is still relatively cheap, compared to Tokyo, London New York, Hong Kong and other major cities.

  1. Easy eats

If sleeping and working weren’t necessary parts of the day, we’d be eating all the time here in Thailand. Tempting treats, and savory snacks lurk around every corner at all times, and some just don’t know when to close (we’re looking at you, Took Lae Dee).

From roving noodle carts to guilty pleasures like bubble tea and bingsu, to organic eateries on Sukhumvit, and everyone’s favorite burger joints, it’s pretty hard not to succumb to gluttony. And we haven’t even gotten to all the food delivery options, which now includes 7-11. Are we spoiled or what?

  1. Getting a buzz is totally affordable

No one relocating to Thailand would be expected to last long in this heat without one thing: ice cold beer. Literally — because we put ice in our beer. You can catch cold pints in Bangkok pubs for as low as THB100 (and better deals during happy hours). Plus, Thailand is welcoming a new change of beer culture with lots of local craft beer brewers and bars bubbling to the demands of Thai and expat hopheads.

  1. Close to paradise

Is this the reason that drew you to Thailand in the first place? Maybe you saw The Beach, maybe you went to the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan once upon a time and always wanted to return. The beaches, crystal clear water, tropical jungles, and scenic mountains easily make Thailand a ‘must-visit’ destination among globetrotters, so why not live here? Cheap good food, spicy flavors and living a carefree life jumping from one song taew to another are all part of what makes this place paradise.

  1. Make that good money

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Photo: Deemoney
Photo: Deemoney

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