5 signs you’re winning life as a foreigner in Bangkok

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay


Have we piqued your interest with this supremely clickbaity intriguing title? Then read on, dear reader, and see if you recognize these tell-tale signs that you’re the savviest expat in town.

You’re not wearing elephant pants.

They’re colorful, they’re unisex, they’re free size. What’s not to love about this rayon fashion statement? Well, it identifies you as someone who still needs a map to navigate the BTS, for starters. If you’ve given up elephant pants for good then you’re one step closer to winning life as a foreigner in Bangkok.

You don’t complain about life in Bangkok.

Bonus points if you don’t troll articles about Thailand on Facebook. (That’s right, we know who you are.) If you don’t feel the urge to complain about life in Bangkok, then you’re winning in our books. Maybe you’re still wearing rose colored glasses because you’ve only been here a few months. (If so, welcome!) Or maybe you’ve been here so long that you’ve just given up on complaining. If that’s the case then our mai pen rai attitude must have worn you down — score one point for Thailand!

You learned Thai.

If you’ve mastered your leow khwa from your leow sai and then some, congrats! Thai is a difficult language to pick up, but there’s nothing Thai people love more than a non-Thai blabbing away in our native tongue. It’s like a bear that can ride a bike! If you’re truly versed in the language, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to make this list one day.

Your taste buds are permanently numb and you can finally enjoy Thai food with Thai people.

You’ll sweat, you’ll sniffle, you’ll struggle, you’ll reach for the water. And we’ll slap your hand away – that only makes it worse, silly! Have a beer with ice instead. If you’ve mastered the art of eating som tum with actual real-life Thai people, give yourself a pat on the back. If said people are from Isan, then we salute you, friend.

You’re using DeeMoney for all your money transfer needs.

Transferring money back home can be as much fun as being in a tuk tuk behind the bus on Sukhumvit Road on a Friday on payday at 7pm. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With DeeMoney it’s incredibly easy to transfer money to 180+ countries.

It’s inexpensive: There’s a flat fee of THB150 (US$5) to 16 promotional destinations including the US, UK, Singapore, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

The paperwork is practically non-existent: Simply sign up once for membership (it’s free!) and you’ll never need to waste time on forms again.

Sending money home is quick, secure and stress-free: Download the DeeMoney app for money transfers 24/7, even during off hours.

Play #CaptureTheJackpot on Facebook!

Can it get any better? The answer is yes! DeeMoney has a new Facebook game and it’s highly addictive. (Umm…jackpots will do that to ya!) Join the #capturethejackpot challenge for 50% OFF your next international money transfer. * Here’s how.

  1. Like DeeMoney’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/DeeMoneyTH and play the video.
  2. Pause and capture a screenshot when the 3 images line up.
  3. Share your screenshot in the comments of the post.

Easy peasy, right? The winners will be selected randomly and contacted via private message.

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