4 reasons why Pattaya is back as Bangkok’s favorite weekend getaway


“I need to get away!” How many times has that thought popped into your head during a long work meeting? But there’s no time and you’re saving those precious vacation days for Songkran, we get it! That’s why Coconuts TV is exploring Bangkok’s nearby excursions one by one. Next stop: one of the most well-known, and perhaps underrated, destinations in Thailand. (No, we don’t mean X-rated!) The seaside town of Pattaya is less than 2 hours from Bangkok, and buzzing with hip restaurants, culture, and nightlife. Even better, it’s surrounded by tiny white sand islands. Pattaya, here we come!

There are deserted islands, beautiful beaches and clear waters. Seriously!

By now you’re probably thinking of crowded beaches and the vivid nightlife of Walking Street. But there’s another (much less crowded) activity not so far from Pattaya – 8 kilometers from the Pattaya coast to be exact – and this hidden gem is waiting to be explored. We’re talking about Koh Pai. This deserted island doesn’t have accommodation, which means zero hotels on the island, just a peaceful beach and endless spots to bask in the sun. Hop on a boat from Pattaya Pier, enjoy the beach like nobody’s watching (because there probably won’t be) and live the moment.

Tons of activities will satisfy the most adventurous spirit.

For those with an adventurous soul check out ATV Pattaya Jungle Adventures. Gear up and get ready to get dirty on the winding roads. Leave the city traffic in the dust and go off-road where you can enjoy the lush greenery surrounding Pattaya. Speed through pineapple, coconut (our fave), and other tropical fruit plantations. Challenge yourself with rocky hills, dirt roads, and jungle trails on the way to a mountain viewpoint.

Restaurants are raising the culinary bar, with scenic ambiance to boot.

Now it’s time to tuck into some local cuisine back on the coast. The Chocolate Factory offers a great selection of Western favorites along with all the local Thai seafood dishes that visitors to Pattaya crave. As the name suggests, this restaurant also has a huge variety of rich, creamy chocolates. Watch as the chocolate masters craft their signature truffles and delicate desserts. Treat yourself to a taste while you’re at it; the Chocolate Lava is a must. This beach-side spot is also a perfect place to enjoy the ocean view along with an ice cold beer.

KAAN Show is a genuinely fun cultural experience about classic Thai literature.

Increase your cultural IQ with a fun, energetic production that the whole family will love. KAAN Show at D’LUCK Cinematic Theater brings classic Thai literary characters to life. It depicts the story of a boy entering the world of Thai literature and embarking on an enchanted musical journey. The show has already received rave reviews, so let yourself be wowed by the stunning stage performances and world-class production.

So, Bangkokians, next time you find yourself with a free weekend, be inspired to take a little field trip out of the city. Explore ancient history in Ayutthaya or discover deserted beaches in Pattaya. For more memorable travel experiences in Thailand and beyond follow Singha on Facebook. Happy wandering!

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