4 fashion rules broken every day in BKK

BANGKOK FABULOUS -Some rules are made to be broken but in Bangkok there is a total disregard for the fashion rules that much of the rest of the world has accepted as gospel. Below are the worst offenders:

1.Socks and sandals

Socks and sandals is the sort of thing American tourists do on holiday, which means it’s a bad idea. But in BKK I see all sorts of people do it in two iterations. Sometimes it’s pulled up socks with strappy heeled sandals. At the moment this seems to be universally accepted as cool thanks to the ongoing obsession with looking like a school girl. If you’re not a school girl, you’re not a school girl. The the other way of doing it is to wear socks with flip flops. This is a hit with older ladies across the city and I’ll admit they pull it off because, let’s face it, they’re adorable. The rest simply shouldn’t even try.

2. Double denim

Double denim never fails to conjure up the eighties. Big hair, stonewashed jeans and perhaps a slick of frosted pink lippy. It’s rule number one in the book of fashion faux pas and yet the more I see people break the rule, the more I’m convinced it was a silly one to begin with. A well-tailored pair of jeans with a slim fit dark denim shirt, some slicked back hair and a pair of sunglasses can look VERY hot on the right gentleman. A long denim skirt and a cute denim waistcoat teamed with a white shirt and a fedora? Who wouldn’t love that? The rule clearly needed some revision.

3. Crocs

I’m still on team ‘I hate Crocs’ but in Bangkok I often see women in very cute outfits teamed with a pair of the big ugly candy-coloured clogs. I mean, yes, I think they would look better with a cute pair of ballet pumps, but I’ll admit there’s some kind of doll-like appeal to these rubber monsters. While I would never strap them on myself, they do bring a smile to my face when I see a beautifully groomed girl sporting them, especially when they’re the claw-shaped ones.

4. Slightly too short trousers

Too-short trousers used to mean urkel and, if you had any kind of self-respect, you made sure your trousers were plenty long enough to cover your shoe a little. But, whether you opt for ‘jack ups’ or you hike them up yourself with a little roll-up, there’s no denying that flashing a little ankle in BKK is far from geeky. Unless you mean geeky in an ironic ‘my glasses don’t have any lenses in them’ kinda way, in which case they are totes geeky.









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  1. Worst offenders world wide = Middle aged German/American males donning over sized floral print shirts, Coconut nipping shorts, white sports socks and those awful Jesus sandals 🙂

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