Gladiator style: Isaan police practice catching criminal with fishing net (VIDEO)

The video of Khon Kaen police’s Gladiator-style training session, where they simply capture a knife-wielding criminal with a fishing net and pitchforks, has gone viral this week.

Who needs high-tech weapons when you have a versatile fishing net? The video shows a team of officers distract the knife-wielding man while a second team of officers move in behind the man and throw a net over him, surprising the criminal.

But the pitchforks are also vital in restraining the criminal. Once the man has been snared in the net, the second team of officers move in and hit the criminal’s legs with their pitchforks, causing him to fall over.



Posted by เอ๋น้อย ศิษย์อรหันต์พันจอก on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The video has received almost three million views since it was posted Tuesday.

Most netizens found the inventive method amusing yet practical.

Still, better than nothing.


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