Yo Daddy Noodles: A dish so big your fat dad is full

Kunakorn Kusawadee, an infamously foul-mouthed vendor known as “gangster” in Chiang Mai, is tired of the same complaints: Not enough noodles and paper-thin pork. So he designed the ideal dish, big enough for the fattest dad bods.

Ba Mi Por Tai or “Yo Daddy Died! Noodles,” plays off the Thai humor equivalent of Western “Yo Mama” jokes and is actually a thing that can be ordered as seen.

After photos of his giant plate of noodles made reporters hungry last week, they tracked down Kunakorn, or “Hong,” at his shop in the great wild north of Thailand, where he told them it was an idea born of laziness.

“The idea came from the fact that my customers always need more than one bowl of noodles to feel full, so that’s more dishes for me to wash,” Hong explained “So I started serving larger and larger portion. Our largest bowl is called ‘Yo Daddy Died!'”

Hong serves his red pork, which is so thick you can’t eat it in one bite, on top of 60 servings of noodles, wontons and boiled eggs, all arranged on one giant plate.  The Yo Daddy Died costs THB600 and can feed 10 to 15 people. It’s only one plate for Hong to wash, too.

If the Yo Daddy is too much to handle, Hong has other options:

“The cheaper one is ‘Fucking Worth It! Noodles’ and ‘Fucking Idiots’ for a company of five to six,” Hong said.

Despite Yo Daddy Died, Hong said customers have requested even larger servings, so he’s working on a new ambitious idea.

“I know … I’m gonna call it ‘Yo Daddy’s Funeral!’ because you know … your dad died and now you have to go see him,” he said. “It will be 84 servings of noodles for a company of 15 or more.”

The “Yo Daddy’s Funeral!’ will be sold for THB990. For more information visit Soom Hia Hong Facebook page.

Photos: Soom Hia Hong

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