Oh My Goong! Dee Lite at Hilton Sukhumvit makes your seafood-loving dreams come true

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If you LOVE shrimp, you’re in for some fantastic news: the Dee Lite restaurant at Hilton Sukhumvit is now offering an “OMG” or “Oh My Goong” Sunday lunch buffet. If you didn’t know, goong is the Thai word for shrimp, and Dee Lite’s aptly named buffet will have enough shrimp for you to build a tower to the moon (and we’re only exaggerating this by a little bit).

Bubba from the classic movie Forrest Gump taught us that there are a gajillion ways to make shrimp, and Oh My Goong truly does shrimp cookin’ justice — you can enjoy shrimp that’s grilled, deep-fried, breaded, boiled, or as part of a delicious salad. There’s even an all-new “prawn in sauce” menu, which introduces a new, wholesome way for you to experience seafood that’s sure to send your tastebuds to heaven. What’s more is that Dee Lite offers you three varieties of shrimp. Simply putoh my goongness!

You can indulge in all of your prawny dreams this Sunday for only THB1,150 per person, with children under 12 dining for free (up to 2 kids per family). If you’re not free this weekend though, don’t fretOh My Goong is available every Sunday from 12pm through 3pm.

Be sure to make a booking for this brilliant buffet at Dee Lite by calling 02-649-6666 or emailing bkksu.fb@hilton.com. They’ll be sure to slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for ya!

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