Macaron married to ice cream makes a sweet sandwich

COCONUTS HOT SPOT – I recently took a few snaps of one the most adorable couples I have ever come across in my eating career. With tears of joy, I am happy to announce that Bangkok can finally enjoy the long-awaited marriage between macarons and ice cream. It’s about time, don’t you guys agree? This combo is by far one of the best things to happen this past summer in Bangkok!

I first came across this macaron-ice cream combo via some random Instagram feeds.  I was immediately hooked. The very sight of a handsome Cookie-Monster-look-alike macaron adorably sandwiching a chubby scoop of vanilla-colored ice cream made me smile a little inside.

I had to meet this delicious looking couple.

I stalked the Instagram account, @bonca_cookieicecream, and soon found out that the pair are a vagabond couple. “Macaron-Ice Cream Sandwich” tours the city by hitting all the hot spots wherever and whenever there is a hip-enough pop-up fair or a trendy-enough farmers’ market. (If you haven’t already caught up to this trend already, these are exactly the kind of places where all the cool new lifestyle trends make their debuts.)

What you will find at Bonca is pure unadulterated joy. Would you like a scoop of ice cream with just one shell? Or two shells to make a complete sandwich? Would you like the shells to be made of soft-bake cookies, macarons, or Fruit-Loop marshmallow treats? If you want macaron shells, there is a little bit of extra fun: you get to choose how you’d like your macarons to look—Cookie monster? Elmo? Or the Minion? Once you have made this important choice, you will move on to pick your choice of ice cream from a short, but amazing, list of flavors—vanilla, chocolate fudge, blueberry cheese pie, butterscotch, and banana cheese. Then, just when you think this can’t get any better, there is an option for you to add even more toppings—all kinds of sprinkles, flakes, cookie bits, fruit loops and all those little garnishes that look kind of like something a unicorn would eat.

My experience with blueberry cheese pie ice cream actually exceeded my expectation. For such a beauty, I assumed it would have little taste. Surprisingly enough, the scoop is creamy and rich in texture and the blueberry doesn’t taste artificial. Pairing ice cream with macaron shells has proven to be a hit. The sweet-and-sour tangs of the fruit add a great layer to the taste spectrum. My only problem though is the rainbow flakes. While it adds much to the aesthetic, I can’t help but think no one will like this artificially fruity taste except for little children who need to be tricked with colors to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

A standard two-shell sandwich costs you THB125 each. For a piece of dessert and the space that it will take in your belly, this is a little pricy. But for the admiration your photos will get on your social media accounts, this is quite a deal. After all, when you make a trip to these fancy, hip spots in town, it is compulsory to get a few photos to prove that you’ve been there.     

Bonca will make their next public appearance at food and fashion fest “Art Box Signature” at  Queen Sirikit Convention Center on Sept 18 – 20.



Facebook: Bonca Cookie Ice-cream

Instagram: @bonca_cookieicecream

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