Feed your Gold Rush Fever at ‘Tales of Gold Mine’

COCONUTS HOT SPOT — Get swept up in Gold Rush fever at a restaurant that will transport you to 1849 California. To step into Tales of the Gold Mine’s lavishly appointed fantasy is to enter a gloomy gold mine decorated with convincing props: massive engine wheels, mining survival kits, and even mining gloves and boots hang from the wall. Dark button-back dining chairs and rich wooden tables go well with the dark tone of the place. To create an even more believable ambience, a short video of early gold mining stories projects on the wall.

The themed interior is designed by the same team behind naerby S’Mores Hunting Lodge, and they’ve knocked our socks off here while matching the decor with the Chinese-American, fusion concept.

Yes, the Chinese cuisine does make sense here, after all gold-rush fever reached people all over the world and attracted prospectors from many nations, including China. That’s the beginning of Chinese cuisine in the United States; not the authentic Chinese found in Chinatowns in Asia, but the Chinese-American hybrid starting to creep up here more.  If that’s still not enough to get you excited, Tales of Gold Mine has pushed the cuisine even further.

The highlights include House Mantau (THB350) – five-spice duck breast with vegetable condiments – pickled cucumber, parsnip and ginger slices along with fresh coriander, spring onion and carrot slices. The sourness of the pickled veggies balanced out the sweet duck dipping sauce. Instead of having meat and veggies filled in bread or burger like standard American dishes, these are to be wrapped in mantau (Chinese-style steamed bun).

Apart from the fusion Chinese dishes, predictable Western and Thai dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese (THB270) and Red Curry Fried Rice (THB250) are also served here. But it’s a great chance to experiment something more exciting like Cheese Burger Spring Rolls (THB250) or Beef Wonton Nachos (THB220).

A separate drink menu is almost as thick as that for the food. As Tales of Gold Mine is a flagship of Gold Label Reserve, a broad range of signature drinks are offered with pictures on its side; Gold Chocolate Mint (THB320) – Johnny Walker Gold Reserve, vanilla, Frangelico and crème de menthe, Gold Jelly Sparkling (THB330) – Johnny Walker Gold Reserve, Jelly Sparkling Sake, Angostura, and Tequila Sour Camomile (THB280) a mixture of camomile tea, Tres Magueyes, lime and honey bring bitter sweet and sour across your palate.

To finish off your meal, of particular note is Chrysanthemum Panna Cotta (THB220) that arrived with a modern twist; having oriental flavor of Kekhuay (Chrysanthemum) merged with a well-known Italian dessert, Banana Chocolate Spring Rolls (THB170)–fresh banana, sun dried banana slices which were very sweet, plus chocolate wrapped in spring rolls and topped up with condensed milk and vanilla ice-cream. Well, if you are not a glucose lover, we must say you need something else to balance out the taste, or if you’re not yet too full, opt for another dessert, Frozen Passion Fruit Tart, would nail the sickly sweet spring rolls with its clean sour tang.

Tales of Gold Mine is located in the Bangkok dining hotspot, Central World. Although it soft-opened last month, a number of well-dressed young adults and foodies have been wandering in, drawn by word of mouth and Instagram. The grand opening is Friday, and the owners say they’ll add live music to the atmospheric riches of your gold mining and dining experience.


Tales of the Gold Mine
First Floor, Groove, Central World
Open daily 10am – 1am

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