Eggs ben-addicts, we’ve got some good news for you!


Isn’t brunch just the best thing ever? (We can feel you nodding your head. Good!) Now that we’re on the same plate, check out these brand new brunch-tastic offerings from your friendly neighborhood eatery, THE COFFEE CLUB.

The beloved cafe has been the go-to diner Down Under since it was founded in 1989, and it’s been caffeinating Thailand since 2010. Now, we’re happy to announce, the famous all-day cafe has three new enticing dishes on the menu. And if you’re one of those breakfast-for-dinner types, you’re in luck! You can enjoy these eggs-cellent meals anytime, any day.

For these new dishes, Head Chef James Bradbury decided to get creative with one of THE COFFEE CLUB’s bestsellers, eggs benedict. This brunch staple is classically composed of two poached eggs on English muffins, thick slices of ham, topped with creamy, zesty hollandaise sauce. How did Chef James dare to improve a classic like this, you ask?

Well, his inspiration came from his frequent travels around the world. Hence the innovative (and mouth-watering) ingredients in these beautifully crafted plates of eggs benedict. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Bangkok Eggs Benedict

Let’s start at home with an egg-ceptional dish with a little Thai twist. Bangkokians, expats, Thailand newbies and anyone with a love for chili will appreciate this exotic combination. As you might expect, the Bangkok Eggs Benedict is a fiery take on the time-honored classic. But what you won’t expect is just how nicely the Thai ingredients balance with the traditional eggs benedict flavors. The hint of spiciness blends nicely with the creamy sweetness of the signature hollandaise sauce. It’s an East-meets-West breakfast that you just gotta try. Another reason this dish is so unique? It’s available exclusively in Thailand.


Spinach & Mushroom Eggs Benedict

This dish makes going bread-less a deliciously easy option. The traditional foundation of eggs benedict, an English muffin, is substituted with imported Portobello mushrooms and baby spinach from Australia. The fresh produce goes really well with added flavors of tangy feta cheese and balsamic, creating one very tempting – not to mention healthy! – dish.


Roasted Salmon Eggs Benedict

The third and final dish offers a taste of the original French style eggs benedict with Norwegian roasted salmon, tasty sautéed spinach and creamy hollandaise sauce. The tastes of perfectly poached eggs with oozing yolk (egg lovers know exactly what we’re talking about), roasted salmon and baby spinach all complement one other perfectly. We can almost taste the fresh ingredients now. Mmm, we want a bite of that!


Get a glimpse of the new eggs benedict dishes made by Chef James Bradbury now, then try them in person!

Another addition to the new eggs benedict menu is sourdough bread, which gets its distinct flavor by being left overnight for 12 hours. Far from neglecting the bread, this process creates the perfect sour taste, which blends really well with the creamy hollandaise.


All these delectable dishes are now ready to be served at your local branch of THE COFFEE CLUB. So, next time you’re stuck on that age-old question of “Where should we eat?” you know what the answer will be. Sip rich, expertly roasted and brewed coffee while indulging in the savory selection of “egg bennies” at any of their branches. Craving one now? Follow THE COFFEE CLUB on Facebook for a regular bite of deliciousness in your newsfeed. Enjoy!


Where: THE COFFEE CLUB (branches in Ratchaprasong, Convent Road – Silom, Thonglor, Ekamai)

When: Open daily, 6:30am – 10:30pm

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