Le Derriere brings French fixtures and food to Bangkok

COCONUTS HOT SPOT – Le Derrière, French for “the behind,” is Q Bar’s attempt to create a French quarter in Bangkok.

Located in the back of Q Bar’s ground level, the Francophile watering hole takes adventurous drinkers into another world. Beyond its revolving doors you’ll find decor and furnishings that come straight from the country of exquisite pleasure. Fines De Claires oysters dress the menu, as does a selection of absinthe unmatched in this city.

Andrew Clark, Marketing Director of Eclipse Group, told us how the interior design of Le Derrière came into being: “We sent our designer, Bruno Tanquerel, to France to purchase the various elements that make up the interior of Le Derrière,” says Clark. “[Tanquerel] visited several antique and second-hand shops near Paris where he found original 1920s light fixtures and furniture.”

Tanquerel’s visit didn’t stop at Paris. He traveled throughout the North of France as well, picking up everything from furniture to antique wood panels, all of which were eventually employed to give Le Derriere its distinctive, Old World feel.

Clark explains that the bar’s wall panels are even signed on the back by the craftsmen who made them almost 100 years ago.

These fixtures and more were shipped back to Bangkok where they were combined with the bar’s extant facets, such as a hand-cut tiled floor and custom-made wood and glass revolving door.

Finally, a few items Tanquerel found in antique shops around Paris, such as the absinthe fountain and old absinthe glasses, provided the bar’s finishing touches.

As for the food and drinks, besides the ever-expanding variety of rare absinthes, the hive mind behind Le Derrière has developed a selection of absinthe cocktails and traditional French cocktails to compliment its French wines and champagnes. Patrons interested in grabbing dinner can choose from a selection of oysters, cheese, cold-cut plates, foie gras, salmon and seared tuna appetizers, as well as the full Q Bar food menu.

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