D’ark shows there is more to brunch than eggs benedict

COCONUTS HOT SPOT — With the basics — eggs, ham, sausages, and hash brown — D’Ark manages to whip up a good number of unique dishes that will make you want to skip your cereal at home and go straight out to brunch.

After spending a lot of time visiting generic brunch places that serve nondescript eggs benedict and a big bland platter of English breakfast, I’ve finally discovered a beautiful brunch venue with good food.

At D’Ark, the barista’s counter is stylishly embellished and it looks fairly promising for anyone interested in a good cup of caffeine.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like a place that will serve up anything beyond snacks and pastry. However, it does, and I, for one, give the food here two thumbs up.

The menu is an all-day brunch, and most of the dishes are extremely photo-worthy. The aesthetics of D’Ark’s food on the plates and the ingredients are just superb, and look as though they have just come directly from a food-styling magazine. Most important of all, the beauty of the dishes is more than skin-deep.

Every dish made an impression, even the Eggs Benedict (THB260).

Unlike eggs benedict in most other places, D’Ark’s eggs don’t ooze yolk for your shutter’s satisfaction. Instead of being runny, the yolks here actually have a more curd-like, semi-fluid texture, which I reckon to be a more impressive version of a poached egg.  In short, the eggs are beautifully cooked and it pairs well with the just-as-beautiful hollandaise. Your additional topping comes from a variety of options including smoked duck breast, bacon, and ham, any of which would add a meaty strength to the dish.

Mornay Eggs (THB280) is another one of the restaurant’s pleasant little surprises. Two oozing slow-cooked duck eggs are placed center stage, topped with smoked duck slices, truffle Mornay sauce, and Parmesan. To add to the texture of this whole feast, D’Ark sprinkles in just enough flakes of crispy potato cookies and thinly sliced cauliflower ornaments. Meaty duck, tender eggs, and crispy bites come together like it’s long been a classic recipe.

Gravelax Salmon & Toast (THB380) isn’t something we haven’t heard of before — smoked salmon and toast — a pretty straightforward pairing. What is special, however, is the way the dish is prepared (D’Ark’s very own recipe to the Gravelax salmon) and the small touches (like the creative mix of lemon butter) the kitchen adds to this otherwise commonplace name.  

Last but not least, D’Ark Gnocchi (THB420) is the kind of pasta we hardly come across in Bangkok, and perhaps for that reason alone, it’s worth giving the dish a try.

D’Ark Gnocchi comes with creamy potato stuffing — a little bit carb-heavy but that just makes it perfect for the contrasting taste of tangy tomato juice sauce and tender burrata cheese. This is a warm dish to fill you up if you aren’t already stuffed from the first three.

Isn’t the list just super fancy? Sure, D’Ark doesn’t make for a homely, cozy brunch place, but it doesn’t try to be that. It is perfect, however, if you are in the mood for a fancy meal and some gorgeous looking gastronomy. I recommend you pay it a visit, you won’t be disappointed.




BTS Phromphong

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