Butcher brings ‘Beef & Beer’ to Bangkok’s street-side dining scene

COCONUTS HOT SPOT — “Beef & Beer,” the tagline of this casual chillout spot explains everything — just a bunch of beef, hot grills and ice-cold beer.

The containers by the side of Charoenrat road used to be a street-side bar, which shut down sometime ago. After undergoing a major revamp, the place re-opened several months later, this time as a much cooler and hipper bar and restaurant, Butcher Beef & Beer

The new occupant is a light-year cooler and a light-year ahead of its forerunner’s game. The people behind this new project seem to know exactly what their Thai customers want — a casual barbeque place for chilling out and eating until you feel guilty.

Now a hot spot for after work office crowds, Butcher Beef & Beer is packed full, especially on Friday night. This is not a new fancy-dining restaurant, this is a place where you can chat and laugh as loud as you like to compete with the noises from the street. The best part of dining by the side of the road is the location provides for a great setting for some DIY hot-plate grills.

Thai-French beef sirloin platter

Butcher’s top signature item is the good-looking and drool-inducing Thai-French beef sirloin platter, served raw to be cooked in front of you at your table. Each portion is about 300 grams, diced into big cubes, and billed at THB800 per portion.

Butcher No.2

The less fatty and more affordable alternative to this would be Butcher No.2 (THB600), which is said to contain less marbling, but is also from the same premium-quality Thai-French category. To me, the latter one looks pretty much similar, and tastes close enough to its more expensive counterpart; so I say it’s definitely better for value of money.

Sliced Thai beef

Other than the Thai-French beef, Butcher also offers the more affordable slices of Thai beef at THB89 per serving, which is of course, a more ideal option for filling up your stomach without having to spend a fortune.

The hot beef is not complete without rice. But don’t just do regular steamed rice, I highly recommend the garlic fried rice, which comes with an overflowing amount of butter on top.

Garlic fried rice

Not a big fan of beef? Too bad because you are missing out on the main event, but Butcher doesn’t leave you out in the cold completely.

The place also adds to the fun of DIY grills by giving you a selection of non-beef ingredients such as burger patties, seafood, sausages, bacon, ham, cheese, shredded cabbage, mushroom, and many more to put on the hot pan.

By experimenting with different ingredients, I’d like to share my heavenly invention — Two words:  cabbage and cheese. No one had ever told me cabbage would grill so well with a slice of cheese. The cheesy cabbage tastes so good with burger patty and bacon.

Now that the picture of the beef feast has been painted, let us discuss the latter half of Butcher’s selling tagline — the beer.

The joint stocks a large number of craft and imported beers, plenty of Thai-name bottles, and a few pipes of draughts. Starting with the crafts, there are names including Kirin Ichiban (THB80), Lion Stout (THB190), Deschutes (THB250), Echigo (THB230), Anderson Valley (THB230), and my personal favorite, Vedett Extra IPA (THB190) and many many more.

The draughts include Limburgse Witte and Limburgse Rose, which start at THB150 per half pint. The pricing is really not too bad considering what you would be billed for in most, if not all, bars anywhere along the Sukhumvit line.

If you are a fan of both beef and the beer, there is really no reason now why you shouldn’t hit this lively hot spot. The combo of beef and beer is so intuitively right that by just picturing them in your head, I bet your mouth will start to water.

Vedett Extra

Last thing. Remember, this is not a place for a super high-quality beef-steak extravaganza. Butcher’s beef will not match the quality of your favorite steak house’s sirloin platter because it’s not supposed to. On the other hand, if you are looking to have a good time over a bunch of beef and a bunch of beer, head to Butcher right now.



Hours: 6pm – 12pm (Close on Monday)

Charoenrat road, Bang Kho Laem

Tel. (086) 030 5953, (081) 882 8121


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