ABC Essence in Eatery: Stellar spot for a quiet lunch in Thong Lor

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Sometimes we’re excited to be standing in Thong Lor. It’s where the city’s most creative ideas in food, drinks and fashion come to dance, so naturally, it draws some open-minded crowds. In the day it’s pretty and looks like the weekend, at night it’s all action, action, action.

But other times, we just want to sit where the light is, tuck into a hearty, straightforward meal, then sip some good coffee while thinking about absolutely nothing. We don’t want to be surrounded by conversations so loud we’re forced to listen in, and we don’t want food that takes too long to figure out.

If like us you’ve craved a moment like that while at Bangkok’s hippest street, go to ABC Essence In Eatery.

It’s tucked away on the third floor of an art mall and boasts interiors the stuff of Pinterest. Overlooking about 30 canteen chairs and cushioned booth seats is a chalk-white feature wall shaped like a honeycomb. Underneath your feet is a spiffy marble floor balanced out by a strip of wood paneling near the floor-to-ceiling windows, which retain their original Art Deco grille.

Pick a seat by this window for a mostly leafy view with just a tiny peek of the high-risers in the distance, then order from their selection of fusion comfort food. We like to start with their Skinny Sumo Salad (300 THB), which tosses chicken yakitori, tempura tofu, and seaweed roll with kimchi and cheese, in a ginger-sesame dressing. 

Skinny Sumo Salad

Their duck confit with prune risotto and sautéed spinach (420 THB) substantiates the meal, which you can round off with a warm chocolate fondant, served with vanilla ice-cream (180 THB).  

Duck Confit with Prune Risotto and Sautéed Spinach

Chocolate Fondant, served with Vanilla Ice-cream

It’s likely to be pretty hot outside this time of the year, so spend the rest of your afternoon sipping their Signature Iced Coffee (140 THB) — the double shot espresso is served separate from their special milk base so you can take in the aroma first — or their Strawberry Tea (140 THB), whose ice cubes contain fresh strawberry. ABC’s coffee is grown and processed on its owner’s own plantation, Omkoi Estate in Chiangmai, and blended and roasted in the city. 

Signature Iced Coffee

Mint and Strawberry Tea


ABC Essence in Eatery
3/F 9:53 Community Mall
Thonglor Soi 9
083-0960426 / 02-262-876
Watch their updates on Facebook and Instagram 

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