7 delectable reasons to order Indian food tonight from Patiaala House

Let’s dispel all myths about Indian food once and for all, shall we? If you think it’s too spicy, too heavy, or too pungent, we challenge you to get through this article without clicking through and at least browsing the menu at Patiaala House.

Mouth-watering starters like paneer makhmali kebabs

Start with a North Indian classic — tandoor cooked paneer makhmali kebabs, followed by biryani. The paneer kebabs are soft, and creamy. The biryani is spiced and savory, hot from the oven. Don’t forget to add different types of tasty chutney to top it off.

Mutton rogan josh cooked to tender perfection

Mutton rogan josh is another North Indian dish that will make your tastebuds do a Bollywood number. Tender chunks of lamb are cooked for ages in a secret spice mixture — yum. Or go for the mutton masala; tender juicy lamb makes each bite a meaty masterpiece.

Vegetarian options like dal makhani that are just as delicious

There’s literally no better cuisine than Indian for veggie-lovers. Vegetables and legumes are the star of the show in dishes like dal makhani. Thick cream is stewed with dark lentils for a rich — but not too rich — taste.

Malai tikka straight from the tandoor

Malai tikka consists of boneless cubes of tender chicken breast marinated in yogurt and cream, cooked in an authentic tandoor oven. 

Roti, naan, and more fluffy, tasty breads

Did you know roti is generally unleavened, has no filling and is served alongside mains? On the other hand, fluffy naan is leavened, can have a filling and can be served by itself. (And if you’re wondering what leavened is, we guess you weren’t using quarantine time to develop your sourdough starter!)

Moong dal halwa, gulab jamun, and rabri for dessert

It’s hard to choose between desserts like moong dal halwa and gulab jamun, so just have both! Rabri is another favorite for many, taking hours to process and boil down milk. The end result is a sweet and smooth dessert topped with a garnish of saffron that’s a pleasure to the palate.

Order or dine in at Patiaala House, walking distance from Central World

The servers at Patiaala House are passionate about bringing the deliciousness of North Indian cuisine to Thailand. Not only can they recommend dishes, they’ll show you how to eat Indian food. (Hint, hint, use your hands!) The food is fresh and healthy, thanks to proper care taken to prepare each dish. You’ll find that Indian food is filling — not because it’s heavy but because it’s so delicious you don’t want to stop eating!

Order Patiaala House online for 50% off or dine in for 30% off without worry, because Patiaala House takes every Covid-19 precaution. While you’re there, take advantage of the buy one get one free deal on liquor all day long. Grab and Foodpanda orders are also 30% off.


Patiaala House
Lower Lobby of Amari Watergate Hotel
847 Petchburi Road,
Bangkok 10400

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