Photo Essay: The new Talad Rot Fai Market

The new Talad Rot fai Market behind Second Square on Srinakarin road is now more spacious than ever. The market is split up into three zones; the weekend market – opens Friday-Sunday from 5pm to midnight; the Plaza which houses variety of shops, opens Tuesday-Sunday; and the restaurants section which line up from the entrance of the main road.

More permanent structures are in the progress of being built and they are expected to be completed by the end of this year. Rolls of barracks will be filled up with more vintage options.

These photos are from the weekend market section. There are a good number of vendors from the previous location and new ones selling everything from second hand car parts to brand new home decor.

From walking around, the shop vendors seem to be super friendly as they greet their customers with smiles and casual banter. Some mentioned that they are hoping for an increase in traffic as the market is relatively new. I was particularly interested in the fact that these vendors are developing a strong community as I see how they all seem to know each other and use items purchased from other vendors in their own shops.

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