Woman hysterical in Bali street over family abandonment in viral video

A very uncomfortable to watch video of woman crying on the side of the road in Bali has gone viral.

Through heart-wrenching wails, the woman says that her family abandoned her, as she grasps her chest, and crouches on the roadside.

Hailing from Medan, Sumatra, the woman says she came to Bali because her daughter married a foreigner here, but her daughter refuses to see her, according to a Tribun Bali article covering the video.

As she continues crying, people start to gather around her and try to comfort her, but she’s beyond reassurance–if there’s any positive takeaway from this video it has to be how touching it is, seeing people trying to help her.

Someone can be heard in the video offering to take the woman to her daughter’s house, but the woman responds that she does not have an address, just that her daughter works at a spa in the Canggu area.

When people offer to put her up for the night while trying to locate the daughter, the woman refuses.

“No need. Let me be here, I won’t find her. Let her know not to be sorry anymore, she prefers bule (foreigner) to her mother,” she’s heard saying.

Posted to Facebook on Aug. 1 by “Hendry”, the video has already garnered over 1.6 million views and thousands of comments.

“This mother came far from Medan to Bali to meet her child who will marry a foreigner. But when she arrived in Bali, her child didn’t even want to meet her mother because she was ashamed to admit it was her mother,” Hendry wrote in the video’s caption.

“The child she raised with great effort, to educate her in school by selling herbal medicine, but her daughter will only communicate through the telephone.

“Hopefully this is a lesson for children who don’t live at home. There is no success without the devotion from their parents.”

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