WATCH: Bali farmers struggle to hold onto land in spite of encroaching tourism industry

As more and more tourists pack planes flying to Bali, the amount of landed dedicated to agriculture is shrinking. 

Much of such land that’s been in Balinese families for generations upon generations has been getting sold off to hungry investors, eager to build hotels, villas, and other tourism-related facilities. 

A mini-docu on the topic by traveling videographer Marko Randelovic explores the situation through the eyes of Balinese farmer Made Anggir. 

Anggir describes his family’s profound connection to their land and unwillingness to give it up to the highest bidder—even despite offers as high as Rp 500 million. 

But not everyone’s so steadfast to preserve their land and traditions. “Stop giving investors permission to convert paddies all over Bali,” he says he often tells his fellow farmers and friends. 

Randelovic’s docu was made in cooperation with Sawah Bali, a local nonprofit aiming to keep Bali’s agricultural industry alive and organic—the organization has admirably been putting its efforts towards helping farmers grow without using chemicals. 

They’ve definitely got their work cut for them with challenges including the government’s inclination to support investors—investors who have even blocked off Anggir’s community from their local temple. 

“The government are too in favor of the investors, rather than the community,” Anggir says. 


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