VIDEO: Bali man gets a beating in street brawl, allegedly triggered by political motives

A video of a burly local throwing punches as his victim, seated on a motorbike, desperately tries to fend off the blows, went viral on social media over the weekend.

The allegedly politically-triggered incident took place at the intersection of Jl. Kebo Iwo and Jl. Tibung Sari in Denpasar at around 10:30am on Saturday morning, according to a report by Bali Post.

Raw footage captured by a passing road user and posted by @DenpasarInfo shows part of the nasty altercation.

The attacker, identified as AA Ngurah Setiawan alias Gung Balang, 39, by Nusa Bali, was arrested within hours of the incident, after the victim, 45-year old I Wayan Nurata, alerted Denpasar Police.

When the attack occurred, Nurata had reportedly just visited his local shop to pick up some cigarettes. As he was getting ready to drive off, Gung Balang crashed into his motorcycle and unleashed a barrage of six punches to the face, as reported by Bali Post.

Local sources say that Gung Balang, part of a pro-Democratic party political group, had been provoked by a previous argument with Nurata, a disagreement concerning the installation of a Golkar party flag.

As a result of the assault Nurata suffered bruises to the cheek and chin. Police have not yet announced the charges that Gung Balang will face.

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