Uncertain future for Bali village hit by deadly landslides, governor urges speedy post-disaster management

A woman carries her belongings from her damaged house after it was hit by landslide at Songan Village, Kintamani February 10, 2017. Photo: Nyoman Budhiana/Antara Foto via Reuters

Following devastating landslides that hit Kintamani in Bali’s Bangli regency last week, a village has been displaced, evacuated from their buried homes.

The landslides in Songan Village last week killed 13 victims, inflicted injury, and rendered houses unlivable. 

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika is pushing for quicker disaster management since the evacuated villagers have no permanent solution of where to live.

“After taking emergency response measures, now we come to the point of rehabilitation and reconstruction,” Pastika said on Friday in a meeting with officials from the Bangli regency and Bali provincial governments, as quoted by Antara Bali.

A total of 23 homes, inhabited by 25 families in Songan were destroyed by landslides, according to Antara.

“We ask that residents move to prevent the risk of further catastrophe. As per the aspirations of residents who have communicated through the village head, they are hoping to move to the forest area around Pura Jati, which is now a place of refuge,” Pastika added.

However, according to the head of the Bali Provincial Forestry Department, I Gede Nyoman Wirantha, there should be land exchange to make this happen.

Bangli’s regent also put a word in disaster recovery.

“The emergency period in Bangli regency ended yesterday. However, given that the handling of the post disaster requires such huge funds, we ask the provincial and central governments help the appropriate authorities,” Bangli Regent, Made Gianyar said.

Besides the issue of relocating the villagers, the government also has fixing damaged infrastructure, namely the roads, on its hands.

Speaking on this matter, the Bali Province Department of Public Works and Spatial Planning, Nyoman Astawa Riadi said the roads will be repaired as soon as the weather permits.

BMKG forecasts peak rainy season will continue through the end of February. The landslides, which are common in the country, were triggered by persistent heavy rain

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