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Okay, we will level with you—Bali’s not exactly the tech center of Indonesia, or anywhere for that matter. You want big Indonesian tech stories, look to the capital, Jakarta, or happening, hip, student-filled Bandung in West Java. Bali’s big on island culture and the santai (relaxed) attitude here is strong. Come on, we’re talking about a place where much of the island is struggling to get a decent wifi connection. Sure there are a few high-speed fiber optic services, but most of us are in uncovered areas that involve getting UP TO 2 mbps and shelling millions of rupiah out for that snail’s pace speed—if we’re lucky. That said, tech stories occasionally make their way onto Coconuts Bali. Sometimes it’s Ngurah Rai Airport bragging about how fast their wifi is (best hotspot on the island), while other times it’s talking about how local police acquired a drone to help them with traffic monitoring. Other times, tech stories in Bali come courtesy of the island’s thriving digital nomad scene. Coworking space enthusiasts who have come to Bali to launch and work on their start-ups while sipping a lime squash by the pool.

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