Sorry you can’t fly with that: Man secured at Bali airport with bullets wrapped in diaper

We hope the diaper wasn’t a used one. Illustration. Photo: CatEyedKP/Flickr
We hope the diaper wasn’t a used one. Illustration. Photo: CatEyedKP/Flickr

An Indonesian man was stopped upon landing at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport with bullets, wrapped in a baby’s diaper.

Aviation security arrested 41-year-old Bima native, identified by his initials in local reports as “Ih”, on Thursday after they opened up a cloth diaper in the man’s luggage and found five, 5.56mm bullets bundled up inside.

Lh, who resides in East Jakarta, had landed in Bali on a NAM flight from Bima. He reportedly just planned to transit in Bali before taking another airline home to Jakarta. 

“The person concerned was only in transit. He wanted to go to Jakarta on Sriwijaya Air,” Bali Post quoted an unidentified source at the airport, as saying.

But a security scan at the domestic terminal in Bali threw a wrench in the man’s plans.

An x-ray detector revealed items suspiciously shaped like bullets. Security opened up the man’s luggage and lo and behold, there were the bullets.

Avsec security took Ih and the bullets to the Ngurah Rai Air Force Sub-District place station, for further examination.

The big burning question of “WHY?” will just have to be wait to be answered, as police are still apparently investigating the man.

Denpasar Police Criminal Investigation Unit Chief I Wayan Arta Ariawan confirmed the case to Bali Post.

“The case is still being handled by the Ngurah Rai Air Police,” he said on Friday.

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