Singaporean was not taking a selfie before falling to his death in Bali, family says

The Singaporean man who died in Bali last week after falling off a cliff was not taking a selfie as news media previously reported, the man’s family says. 

Lead by the Straits Times and Channel News Asia, media reported on May 22, 2015 that 21-year-old Mohamed Aslam Shahrul died at Sandi Bay Beach, Nusa Lembongan when taking a selfie. 

But, Shahrul’s family later clarified that he was not taking a selfie at the time of his death and was actually taking pictures of the sunset, resulting in the Straits Times deleting the initial report and editing their story.

Here’s how the Straits Times modified their report

Local media reported that Mr Mohamed Aslam had fallen in while taking a selfie on the cliff, but a relative who spoke to The Straits Times yesterday said he had in fact been taking pictures of the sunset.

“According to the friends who were with him there, he wasn’t taking a selfie,” said the relative, who added that two friends tried to jump in to save him but were foiled by strong waves.



A relative spoke and clarified with The Straits Times about the death of the 21-year-old Singaporean man – Mr Mohamed…

Posted by The Straits Times on Friday, May 22, 2015

Though Straits Times has not yet issued a public apology, Channel News Asia never even took down their original story or made any edits based on the family’s clarification. 

Shahrul’s tragic death was apparently just three days after he graduated from Temasek Polytechnic. He and eight other friends had arrived in Nusa Lembonan last Thursday, a small island southeast of Bali. 

Editor’s note: Earlier today, we published a story on this matter saying that the accident happened while Mr. Mohamad Aslam was taking a selfie, based on reports from the Jakarta Post. In light of recent comments from his family to the Straits Times saying that he was not taking a selfie, we have deleted the original post and published this modified and corrected story.

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