Russian arrested at Potato Head with item appearing to be grenade, turns out to be a toy

Are people ever going to learn that in this day and age it’s just not a good idea to carry around toys that look like explosives, especially in the midst of all these terror threats?

A Russian man was arrested on Friday night at the trendy Potato Head Beach Club on Jl. Petitenget when security guard Andri Herawati found him carrying an object that resembled a hand grenade. 

Herawati called the police and 30-year-old Ilya Esteroy was taken into North Kuta Police custody. 

A police investigation revealed the grenade was only a toy, a souvenir that the Russian had bought. 

“It was just a grenade toy that he bought at an art shop in North Kuta. Ilya admitted to carrying the grenade to Potato Head because he just bought it and didn’t yet return to his villa,” Badung Police Chief Tony Binsar told Tribun Bali

Although it was agreed upon as just a toy, Esteroy very wisely decided to just leave the “grenade” with the police, for fear of getting in trouble again, Binsar said. 

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