Poo Paper: upcycling at Bali Safari & Marine Park

Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Bali Safari and Marine Park in addition to bringing you the opportunity to ride elephants now lets you pick up a “special” type of paper from the gift shop. 

Material for the paper is taken from the poo of Bali Safari’s four-legged residents including zebras, elephants, giraffes and other mammals. 

This produces paper of the most excellent quality, says Yevi Ramadan, Bali Safari and Marine Park’s marketing guy. And it’s apparently the elephants who have the best paper producing dung—which is based on texture and the condition of the material. 

The poo paper comes as an attempt to reduce the felling of trees at the base material of paper. Animals that eat grass, especially elephants, expel poo that is high in fiber and primed for paper-making, Ramadan says.

We know you’re wondering: nope, the paper doesn’t evens slightly smell like an elephant’s toilet. At least that’s what marketing is saying. The process from booty to your notebook is long and involved, including washing, drying fibers, mixing, stirring, coloring and drying it all. 

The park says most of the profits go to wildlife conservation in Indonesia—a worthy cause that needs furthering. So go ahead, instead of buying a stuffed animal or Bali Safari shot glass, go for the organic sh*t next time. 

Source: Tribun Bali

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