Police raid uncovers Bali home used as ‘synthetic cannabis factory’

A police raid in Bali found a home on the island’s capital Denpasar was being used to produce Cap Gorilla, an intense synthetic cannabis variety.

Bali Police’s Narcotics Criminal Investigation Unit made the discovery after raiding a house on Jl. Tunjung Sari on March 20.

The raid was prompted by info from Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport Customs, which flagged suspicious packages sent to Denpasar.

The package appeared to contain 500 grams of synthetic cannabis in powder form, upon initial examination by customs.

“The package was addressed to a person named Michael Ardana” with an address in Renon, Denpasar, Brig. Gen. Eko Daniyanto, head of directorate IV of Bali Police’s narcotics investigation unit, announced on Thursday.

Customs coordinated with Bali Police to track down Kresna Andika Pitra and Anak Agung Ekananda.

During the arrest, police also happened to uncover their “home office”, a laboratory used to manufacture Cap Gorilla, a notoriously potent variety of synthetic cannabis sprayed on tobacco.

“A clandestine lab was found as well as materials and goods associated with the manufacture of synthetic marijuana,” Detik quoted Daniyanto as saying

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