NTT woman honored for bravery in foiling attempted robbery at Denpasar money changer

Yonita Djaralodu, center right, pose for a photo with police officers in Denpasar. Photo: Humas Polda Bali / Facebook
Yonita Djaralodu, center right, pose for a photo with police officers in Denpasar. Photo: Humas Polda Bali / Facebook

Yonita Djaralodu, a 27-year-old woman from East Nusa Tenggara, was honored by members of the Bali Police for her courage in successfully foiling an attempted robbery at a money changer in Denpasar earlier this week. 

Bali Police officers from the Bharaduta Dpandiga Dewata (BDN Dewata) community expressed their awe at Yonita’s bravery in a statement issued yesterday.

“After we saw the footage from the surveillance cameras that’s been circulating on social media, we, as police officers, were both surprised and astonished by what she did. Yonita’s actions were very brave,” Police Chief Brigadier I Gusti Bagus Ngurah Wirautama, who is the head of BDN Dewata, was quoted as saying.  


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The incident, which took place on Tuesday evening, began when a man, who has been identified by his initials RYR, allegedly attempted to rob the money exchange in eastern Denpasar. 

Yonita and her colleague, 26-year-old Aprianus Huru Hadi, was still on duty at the money changer when RYR entered the premises with a helmet and pointed a gun at them, demanding money. 

“My friend was still confused. The thief demanded we hand over the money and he shot at the glass by the cashier. I was still sitting at this point. But I didn’t think further, if I were going to die then let it be. I got up and just instinctively tried to grab the gun,” Yonita said. 

As seen in the surveillance camera footage, Yonita eventually managed to snatch the gun from the suspect. At that point, RYR tried to run away, only to be swiftly followed by both Yonita and Aprianus, who acted fast to prevent his escape.  

“I took away the keys to his motorbike. I yelled, and residents came around to help us catch him. Soon enough the police also came to the scene,” Yonita explained. 

Police officers from BDN Dewata met with Yonita yesterday to extend their appreciation and present her an official letter of honor. In addition, Bagus referred to Yonita’s action as a good example on how citizens also have a responsibility to safeguard the security of the community. 

“Imagine if the thief had been successful in his robbery. Of course, he would try to do it again and there would be more victims,” Bagus said. 

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