New hyperbaric and diving medicine center in Gianyar regency offers new option for treatment of diving-related illnesses in Bali

The hyperbaric chamber at Hperbaric & Diving Medicine Center in Saba, Gianyar. (Photo : Kasih Ibu Hospital)
The hyperbaric chamber at Hperbaric & Diving Medicine Center in Saba, Gianyar. (Photo : Kasih Ibu Hospital)

For years now, divers with diving-related illnesses, such as decompression sickness, have had fairly limited option for treatment in Bali. Opened just last week, the new Hyperbaric & Diving Medicine Center in Gianyar regency’s Kasih Ibu Hospital not only offering a new alternative, but apparently a bigger hyperbaric chamber as well. 

“What is special about this center is that we have a hyperbaric chamber with a capacity of 6 + 2 people, which is much bigger compared to Sanglah [General] Hospital, which has a single hyperbaric chamber,” Dr. Anita Devi from the Hyperbaric & Diving Medicine Center told Coconuts Bali via email. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Dr. Anita added, is a well-established treatment for decompression sickness. However, it also helps with other conditions, including non-healing wounds that may have resulted from diabetes, radiation injuries or bubbles of air in your blood vessels, also known as arterial gas embolism. 

It’s worth noting, however, that there are claims on hyperbaric oxygen therapy being able to effectively treat a number of illnesses, such as autism, cancer and AIDS/HIV, which have not been clinically proven. 

The new center at Kasih Ibu should be a welcome new option for patients in Bali, who for years have only had access to the hyperbaric chamber at Sanglah General Hospital. 

Dr. Anita added that the center also hopes to support medical tourism on the island. 

“Especially for foreign divers who experience health problems after diving. So, divers don’t need to worry because we have 24-hour facilities specifically for diving injuries,” she said. 

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